All proceeds from this shop go to help greyhound adoption.

Welcome to Hats for Hounds. 100%!of our proceeds go to support greyhound adoption through Regap of Illinois (www.regapgreyhounds.com).
Ready made hats come in three sizes: Large hats are sized to fit most greyhounds; Medium hats will fit Whippets; Small hats are made for Italian Greyhounds.
All hats are made to be somewhat adjustable around the head but there are some general size requirements.
The shop is organized by size in two categories: hats that are already made and will ship immediately and custom made hats. Custom made hats can be sized to fit other breeds but please select from the correct size category. Custom hats are made as orders are received and can take up to a month in the busier times of year.
When ordering custom hats a few things are more important than your dog's weight although size is a factor. Please include your breed or mixture if known. I need a head circumference measurement right in front of the ears. It is also helpful to know your dog's height at the front shoulder particularly if it is short. I can customize for dachshunds but need to shorten the tail or it will be dragging on the ground.
I offer hats in a variety of yarn patterns and colors in 100% wool, blends and 100% acrylic. I seek out interesting yarns and many are imported. Each hat will specify fiber content. If you have specific color needs please message me and I will work with you to find the right yarn if it is available. Some of my favorite yarns are now discontinued. I stockpile these whenever I find them but when they are gone they are gone. Available quantities are on drop downs on the individual listings.
I am proud to say that with the generous support of my customers there are lots of cute and warm hounds throughout the US, Canada and the world and we are able to donate about $5000 a year to Regap. This covers only a tiny bit of the expense of running a full time kennel and adoption group but it does make a difference. Thank you for your support of my endeavor. Please share your hat pictures with me and your friends. Please like us on Facebook and share posts with your friends. Social media is our strongest marketing tool and every like and share helps another beautiful greyhound find a forever home.
The photos at the top of the page show the comparative sizes of my hats. There are also pictures of my greyhounds past and present.
Thank you for viewing Hats for Hounds,
Katherine Burton

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